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Book Launch

Stories of the Indian Immigrant Communities in Germany

By Amrita Datta


This book tells the stories of Indian immigrants in Germany, including Blue Card holders and students categorized as highly skilled migrants, as well as others choosing shadow migration pathways in order to leave the country. It investigates their motivations for leaving India and choosing Germany as an immigration destination. Grappling with the stories of tech workers fleeing the pandemic, activists fleeing the witch hunting of the government, women escaping gender(ed) violence and queer people seeking freedom, this book uses reflexivity as an analytical tool. Investigation of their transcultural practices also reveals a general intent among Indians to create homes in Germany, despite several challenges to such efforts, including structural and everyday symbolic racism.

This book launch is organized by the Research Unit "The Production and Reproduction of Social Inequalities: Global Contexts and Concepts of Labor Exploitation."


Invited Guest Speakers

Amrita Datta (Bielefeld University)

Rose Jaji (German Institute of Development and Sustainability)



Room S.253

Global South Studies Center (GSSC)

Classen-Kappelmann-Straße 24, 50931 Cologne



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