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Alter Voices - Covid Stories


This blog and podcast series is one outcome of the work of research teams based in the United Arab Emirates and China. Starting from the questions how the COVID-19 pandemic affect the production and reproduction of social inequalities as well as the emergence of opportunities for especially vulnerable migrants? And which role does communication play in this context? The research teams show in the following contributions what different challenges the communities in China and the United Arab Emirates were facing and how each individual tried to cope with these challenges.

Alter Voices is a platform that complements the academic research that the research teams were conducting in China and the United Arab Emirates with a more personal and artistic touch. Alter Voices' aim is to inspire action and advocacy on pandemic related issues, especially among communities that are vulnerable. The platform amplifies the voices of those who rarely receive media attention or have opportunities to tell their stories to a wider public. It brings together original stories, writings and artworks by individuals in the respective communities to share their experiences with how we all coped with COVID-19 since 2020.



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This Research Unit is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation