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The Production and Reproduction of Social Inequalities: Global Contexts and Concepts of Labor Exploitation

Presentation by Michaela Pelican and Jonathan Ngeh in the lecture series "Sixty Minutes in Ethnography, Theory, Anthropology", University of Cologne on 14th July 2021.


In this presentation we will introduce the research unit “The Production and Reproduction of Social Inequalities: Global contexts and concepts of labor exploitation” that officially started its work in January 2021 ( In a first step, we will outline the common thematic and theoretical framework that unites the four main projects of the research unit. Secondly, we will elaborate on our approach to collaboration within the research unit and touch on our Code of Conduct. Thirdly, we will use the example of our special project on COVID-19 “Communication during and after COVID-19: (re)producing social inequalities and/or opportunities among African migrants in the United Arab Emirates and China” to illustrate our methodological approach to joint knowledge production with our research collaborators in the field.

This Research Unit is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation